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Bedroom Styling: How White Bedside Tables Can Give Your Bedroom That Hamptons Style


The Hamptons is among the most elite and coveted vacation destinations in the northeastern United States. This area is known for its gorgeous, picture-perfect beach scenes and its many charming villages and towns. While it is an upscale area, it is also well known for its laid-back, relaxed ambiance. Some of the smaller towns may even have an almost eccentric feel that gives them personality and flair. Many homeowners want to mimic the impressive style of the Hamptons in their homes. Introducing the upscale beach ambiance of the Hamptons into your home may be easier than you think. In the bedroom, you can easily give your home Hamptons style by placing white bedside tables in your space.


Bringing The Character of Hamptons Style Into Your Home

A beautifully decorated home in the Hamptons will have charming character and sophisticated style, and it also has a light, airy ambiance that evokes peace and relaxation. Generally, a home decorated in the Hamptons style has crisp, white hues used throughout the space. Floors may be dark wood, or they may have white or striped area rugs in place. There may be a touch of nautical style mixed with New England country appeal, and this can be incorporated with sparingly used accent colours such as blues and yellows. While some nautical pieces may be used minimally as decorative accents, flowers and stripes may also be incorporated into the space with gorgeous results. The overall ambiance is one that is both relaxed and upscale, and it may be crisp and refined rather than overly ornate and detailed. Homes that have been decorated with the Hamptons influence are homes that are relaxed and inviting as well as upscale.

Incorporating a White Bedside Table Into a Bedroom

In many bedrooms, the bed and bedside tables are focal areas for interior design, and this means that you can create dramatic results by focusing your decorating efforts in this area. Both the colour and style of white bedside tables can have a dramatic impact on the space. For a true Hamptons look, these bedside tables should have a simple, classic design. They should lack ornate trim, and they should have straight legs, simple knobs on the drawers and an overall understated look. To add further charm to the bedside tables, consider placing a white table lamp or a vase with blue or yellow flowers on top of it.

Other Hamptons Design Ideas for the Bedroom

While investing in a simple, white bedside table for your bedroom can give any space a touch of Hamptons charm, you may need to make a few other decorating changes in order to give the home the truly upscale, coastal feel that you want. For example, you can invest in a white comforter with white and blue throw pillows. A plush, white armchair with a blue accent pillow placed next to windows that are covered with white sheers can add extra charm. A white, light yellow or blue throw placed on the armchair or bed can also have a beautiful effect. Wall colours may be white, royal blue or even a pale yellow hue. Keep in mind that the main colour of a Hamptons room is white, and accent colours should only be used sparingly. Therefore, if you decide to place colour on the walls, most or all of the other pieces in the room should be white.

Injecting some Hamptons style is a great idea for interior décor in the bedroom, and you may even wish to carry this beautiful theme into other areas of your home. People visit the Hamptons because of the relaxed charm and sophistication of the area, making the style a highly sought-after look. While this is a style that is popular for bedrooms, it can also be used with spectacular results in other areas of the home. You can follow these bedroom decorating tips regarding colouring and accent pieces in other areas of the home, such as the kitchen, bathrooms and living room, with fabulous results that you will love.

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