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Provincial Decor: How to Create a Sense of Class in a Provincial Style Home Using French Furniture

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French provincial is one of the oldest types of decorating. Originally created in just four regions of France, these pieces feature scalloped decorations, ladder backs, pale colours and curved legs. Though original pieces date back to the 17th and 18th century, manufacturers returned to this era during the 1950s. Shoppers can now find a wide range of antique and vintage pieces and some more modern furniture and decorations with a similar design. With this in mind, below we'll share a few tips on how to create a delightful French provincial style setting in your home.

Choose a Neutral Paint Colour

Decorators who use French provincial pieces know that those pieces look best when paired with a neutral paint colour. As these pieces often feature gold elements and weathered finishes, brighter and darker colours can detract from those decorations and make a room feel overwhelming. A neutral paint shade of eggshell white or cream lets those elements really pop.

The Importance of Curved Lines

One feature that many people recognise in regards to French provincial furniture is its curved lines. Those pieces look best when paired with other decorations that mimic those same lines. For example, an apothecary jar filled with small marbles or seashells has the same curvy lines and won't detract from the furniture.

Add Some Light Colours and Glass

Nothing brings to mind the French provincial style as much as an elegant chandelier does. A large light fixture with clear glass or crystals hanging down from a metal piece with an antiqued finish will immediately give a home a classy feel. Keeping that chandelier from overwhelming the room is a little difficult, so you'll want to look for one that won't brush against the heads of visitors and one that is the same width as any furniture placed underneath it. Cloches and glass domes on wood bases are another way to bring in the provincial style and to display some treasured collectibles.

Mix and Match Shabby Chic Elements

'Shabby chic' is a decorating style that first appeared in the United States before spreading throughout the world. It uses a mixture of new and vintage pieces that are a little more rustic. A shabby chic home might have a distressed chair sitting in front of a provincial desk or a tufted headboard paired with a more modern bedding set. Mixing and matching the provincial style with the shabby chic style is a simple way to create a classy living space that also feels more welcoming. Try using an upholstered headboard with a provincial dresser in the bedroom or a provincial couch paired with a few handmade pillows.

French provincial furniture immediately brings to mind a more elegant and classy time. Using shabby chic elements, a neutral paint colour, pieces with curved lines and some glass pieces creates a classy home that still feels comfortable and welcoming.

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