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Country Furniture Can Create a Very Relaxed Feel - Here Are Four Key Styling Tips to Keep It from Looking a Mess


Country decorating, also known as rustic decorating or vintage decorating, relies on classic colours and vintage pieces that add a warm and homey touch to the space. Thanks to the popularity of Pinterest and other websites, home owners and renters now have the chance to use those pieces to decorate their own homes. While the decorating style often adds a fun touch, many find that they wind up with too many pieces in their living space, which can give the home a cluttered look. Whether you live in an apartment or a private house, you can still create a relaxed look without cluttering up your space.


Choose the Right Furniture

Prior to changing the decorating style of your home, you need to add the right furniture. Country furniture can include vintage pieces found at flea markets and yard sales and modern pieces designed to look like vintage furniture. One of the best ways to reduce clutter is with one or more rustic bookshelves. These pieces have rough edges, vintage touches and three or more shelves that provide room for decorative pieces. Old fruit and vegetable crates hung on the wall provide additional storage and work with the country theme.

The right coffee and end tables can add some extra storage and still work with the theme too. Using suitcases to create end tables is one of the hottest trends online right now. Decorators stack three to five suitcases in similar colours on top of each other, and they use the inside of those cases to store magazines, books, games and other items. A large trunk placed in the centre of the room is another great way to add storage and reduce clutter. These trunks give your family a place to set their feet, plates or drinks, but the inside of the trunk gives you a place to tuck items out of sight.

A Hoosier cabinet or pie cabinet adds a fun touch to any room. Pie cabinets have metal covers on the front of the doors with small holes punched through the metal. Women once used those cabinets to keep flies and other insects away from pies. Hoosier cabinets were popular in the American Midwest and feature a small workspace in the centre with cabinets on the top and bottom.

Pick Fun Storage Solutions

The main reason why the country style of decorating tends to make homes look messy is because of the items that decorators display. They want to show off their new finds to others, and they have a habit of adding new items in different colours and designs without thinking about what those items will add to the room. Using the right storage solutions can cut down on clutter and make a home look more pulled together.

One fun idea for storage is a series of hatboxes. Popular with ladies in the 1920s and earlier, these boxes are readily available from flea markets and antique stores. The boxes come in various colours and shades and look great when placed together on a single shelf. Vintage glass jars, which often have a soft blue or green sheen to the glass, are perfect for storing spices and decorative items in a kitchen. Even old mixing bowls become storage solutions when filled with small decorative items and tiny collections. Other ideas for storage include old baskets, pottery and crocks.

Keep it Simple

One reason why the country style is so popular is because it gives decorators the chance to put their own stamp on bedrooms, living rooms and other spaces in their homes. Adding dozens of decorative items can take away from the fun look of the room and make it look dated and tired. Before adding everything that you find into the space, take a step back. Coco Chanel recommended that women get dressed for the night and then take away one piece of jewellery to keep them from looking overdone, and the same thing applies to homes as well.

Keeping it simple involves paring down your home. Instead of using dozens of glass jars in different colours on the top of kitchen cabinets, use just a few glass jars to display some vintage buttons or ornaments. Highlighting a small handful of items on a single bookshelf can create a powerful focal point in the room. Using a large collection of items on that same shelf can make the room look cluttered and messy.

Rely on Similar Colours

A simple way to make country furniture and decorations work in a home without adding extra clutter is with products in the same colour or similar colours. Martha Stewart used her magazine to show off her collection of jadeite dishes, and while she had hundreds of pieces, those pieces worked together in the space because each piece was the same shade. Using a wide range of colours will keep the eyes moving back and forth across the space and make the room look too busy. Using colours that are more similar creates a pulled together look.

Many country lovers choose pottery or kitchen items in similar colours. They display a collection of pink and turquoise dishes together, pair earthy tones of red and brown in a living room or mix shades of brown and orange in a bedroom. Sticking to just a few shades will keep the room from overwhelming the senses and provide a more stylish look. With country furniture, lovers of the style can create a great room with a few pieces of furniture and the right accessories.

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