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Looking to Warm Up a Room? There's Nothing Like the Warmth of Classic Timber Furniture


Every homeowner has a unique sense of style and personality that he or she will undoubtedly want to incorporate into a space. While some may have the desire to create a modern, sophisticated look in the space, others want to create an ambiance that is both timeless and historic. There are several design ideas that you can incorporate into a space to warm up a room, but few will have the impact on the space that classic timber furnishings will have. If you are looking for a stylish way to add warmth to your home, consider timber furnishings for that elegant and classy feel.

The Crisp Look of Classic Timber Furniture

While there are many styles of wood furniture that you can purchase when redecorating your space, classic timber furniture is unique in several respects. First, the furnishings may be stained with lighter or darker hues, but the beauty of the natural grain of the wood is the highlight of each piece. Second, the furnishings generally have rather crisp, clean designs. This is not wood furniture that has ornate detailing, and instead, the beauty of the style lies in the classic, straight lines and in the wood itself.

Create a Sense of Serenity with Natural Accents

In addition to having crisp, clean designs, classic timber furniture also brings a natural touch to the room. Because the grain of the wood is a design element that adds colour, texture and personality to the space, the pieces have a more natural look to them. The beauty of nature creates a hospitable feel with an inviting ambiance, and it also can have a relaxing touch that instantly communicates a sense of peace to those in the room.

Types of Classic Timber Furnishings

If you have decided to invest in classic timber furnishings for your home, the good news is that there are many types of furnishings available for every room. The style of these furnishings is just as ideal for a living room or breakfast room as it is for a bedroom. In addition, you can even find some of these furnishings in outdoor styles that have weather-resistant features in place. With so many possibilities, you can use these furnishings in almost every room of the home - with spectacular results.

Incorporating Timber into Interior Design

Many homeowners who consider redecorating with classic timber furnishings are drawn to the traditional look of the wood, but some are dissuaded from using this style in their space for the same reason. The fact is, however, that there are numerous interior design options that you can use with these furnishings. For example, if your home has a more modern style, you can incorporate a few key timber pieces with sleek lines to add warmth. The pieces can also be used in a home with an Asian-inspired or minimalist design with gorgeous results. There are countless design options available when using these furnishings.


Great Colour Options to Consider

While classic timber furniture can be stained in many hues, the fact is that most have a lighter or medium shade. This may be similar to a pecan or oak stain or finish. With these lighter or medium shades of wood, you will have a vast colour palette to consider when remodelling your space. When your goal is to add warmth to your home, you may lean more towards natural colours like greens, oranges and beige hues. If you decide to incorporate cool colours in your space, lighter shades (such as sky blue or light violet) may have an appealing look in the room.

Other Warm Design Options to Use With Timber Furnishings

When you decorate with a modern, minimalist or Asian-inspired look, using furnishings sparingly and using lighter colours when decorating can have beautiful results. If you opt for a different design, you may incorporate floral prints or other warm patterns into the space to create additional warmth and appeal. These can give a home a more traditional or even country feel, depending on the style of prints you select.

Before You Buy Your Pieces

When you are shopping for new classic timber furniture for your home, you do want to consider a few points before you make a purchase. These pieces may be made out of a number of different types of wood. More affordable furnishings are generally made from softer wood. These pieces may be beautiful, but softer wood is easily damaged. Soft wood is more susceptible to dents, scratches and even water damage. If you want your pieces to last, selecting harder woods is a better option. In addition, measure the pieces carefully to ensure they will fit nicely in your space, and avoid purchasing pieces that are too large. A crowded, cluttered room can detract from the warmth of timber furnishings.

Many homeowners want to design a space that they and their family will find relaxing. They may also want to create style that is inviting and appealing to guests when they are entertaining neighbours and friends. While there are numerous steps that you can take to instil a sense of warmth in your home, the addition of classic timber furniture is a wonderful way to add rustic elegance to your home. Discover how timber furniture can warm up your home today.

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