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Apartment Dweller? A Quick Guide on How to Create Spacial Living in Small Spaces

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When you have a small apartment, you may find it challenging to make the most out of the limited living space. However, you can make some simple changes that will allow you to create spacial living. With a bit of sweat and a dash of smarts, your tiny apartment can offer you ample opportunities to enjoy your dwelling. It's up to you to make it work.

Get Rid Of Any Clutter

When you live in a small apartment, there is no place for clutter. You need to ensure that you have a place for everything and that everything is in its place. Get a small filing cabinet for your important papers and tuck it in a closet. Make use of cabinets and any storage that your apartment has to offer. Consider using a wardrobe in your bedroom to serve a dual purpose as a television stand and dresser. If there is any place where you can tuck something away, make use of it. Pay close attention to the surfaces in your home. Clear them off and keep it simple. Less is more! Choosing only a few accents here and there will be much more attractive, and you'll create the illusion of having more space.

Trim Back The Furnishings

When you live in a small space, it doesn't make sense to go overboard on your furniture. Choose smaller pieces, such as a loveseat rather than a full-sized sofa. Consider having a futon or sleeper sofa to transform a guest bedroom into a sitting room when no one needs to sleep in it. Use smaller end tables and think about eliminating a coffee table. When choosing a kitchen table, opt for one that folds in order to become smaller, allowing you to push it flush against the wall. If you don't need a large bed, go for something smaller to give yourself more room in one of your favourite places in your home.

Use Shelves And Hanging Lamps

Put shelves on your walls to give yourself more options when it comes to finding a place for your things. Make a careful selection of what you place on each shelf and you can create themes for every room. Think about hanging lamps as well. It will mean less clutter on the surfaces in your home and they will brighten each room. Hanging lamps often make an attractive addition as well.

Give Some Thought To A Fresh Paint Job

When you choose pale shades for each of your rooms, paint can really make your rooms seem larger. Create a bright, airy atmosphere by opening up your space. Paint doesn't take a major investment and will really freshen up your apartment as well. You will give it a facelift and make it seem bigger. Choose similar colours to avoid any clashes. One area will flow into the next, making the most of your space.

Consider The Placement Of Furnishings

Take a close look at how you've arranged furniture in your apartment. If possible, push it back against the wall to create an open space in the room. Whether it's your bedroom or living room, you can make any room seem larger when you shift the items around in your home.

Think Vertical

Instead of leaving pictures propped on tables, hang them on your walls. Make the addition of simple prints and mirrors to draw the eye in an upward direction. When people are looking up, it will make your apartment seem bigger. The same holds true for bookshelves. Rather than choosing wide shelves that are low to the ground, select tall, narrow bookshelves. You can always add accessories as well for a decorative touch.

Let There Be Light

A brightly lit room will look like a bigger room. Have plenty of lighting in your apartment and open your blinds. Let the sunlight shine in, illuminating your space. Choose shades and curtains in light colours as well. When you go dark, you make the walls start to close in.

Consider Multi-Function Furniture

Finally, be sure to choose versatile furniture, such as a sofa that has shelving underneath it or a bed with drawers set beneath the mattress. You'll have more room for all of your belongings and less that is left out in the open.

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