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On Bike Frames & Sex: Bikes For Life Know No Gender

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Bikes For Life. Yours Included.

We’d like to weigh in on a topic oft found debated in the Comments section following bike related posts, typically those addressing step-through frames. And we’d like to go on record agreeing with the following:

“There’s no such thing as a Girl Bike.” (Or a “Boy Bike,” for that matter.)

As an urban bike brand designing for the public at large, there is one way we approach and view all of our frames: As unisex objects of design, transportation and (cyclists, you know…) freedom. Why get wrapped up in misconceived gender assignment when you could make your choice based on a far more sound basis of judgement — What looks good on me? Kidding. Mostly.

Cheek aside, some of the best moments to come from stalking our own hashtags on Instagram are those when we happen upon killer ladies and gents rolling out on double top tubes and step-throughs respectively. Interacting with a ridership confident enough to make their frame decisions based on lifestyle, priorities and needs (and who don’t think of our Willow and Franklin as “the girl bikes”…) — that’s cool as hell.

We noticed a major uptick in females rolling out on Driggs and Bedford models near the end of 2013. Gotta say, it’s a good look. We can’t wait to see all the diamond frame Bedford snaps to come in 2014. From both the ladies and the gents. Because that’s who it was made for.



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